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    Gascoigne Halman

    What makes Sharples different? I would say the continuity, the fact that they work with us, they know us, we’ve had the same account manager now for a number of years…we can get on with what we’re doing and they look after the printing for us.

    Martin Forrest, Finance Director.

    MLP Law

    We chose Sharples based on their promises of service and I’m please to say over 12 months in they deliver day in day out on that service.

    Stephen Attree, Managing Partner.

    Booth Ainsworth LLP

    They did a complete audit of our copy, print and scan and came back to us with a complete report that offered three alternative solutions.We ended up going for one that saved us in excess of £7,000 per month.

    Gary Cook, Head Of Professional Practices & Partner.
    David Antrobus of David Antrobus Marketing

    David Antrobus Marketing

    As a busy and successful full-service Marketing Agency, printing and proofing is a critical part of what we do. We had investigated many potential suppliers, and asked them to advise on the right in-house printing/scanning and copying solution for us. It was clearly evident that your competition were only interested in selling something rather than providing the right technical and cost-effective solution for us.

    Sharples Group came very well recommended so we brought them into the equation. It was obvious from the start that they had a complete understanding of the Graphic Design/Agency sector and took the time to fully investigate the right solution for us. That print system is now in place and it has proved to be perfect for our requirements, along with a welcome and appreciated improvement in cost efficiency.

    This is our first dealing with the Sharples Group and it will certainly not be the last. A big thank you to your team, who definitely lived up to your underlying principle of Principle before Profit. I would highly recommend the Sharples Group to anyone looking to renew their printer, copier, scanner or full print management solution.

    David Antrobus, Chairman.

    St Alban’s Catholic Primary School

    St Alban’s gets a best in class solution from Sharples Group and Toshiba TEC.

    Key Facts
    Client: St Alban’s Catholic Primary School
    Industry: Education
    Location: Bolton
    Summary: High quality printing and copying systems enhance efficiency and help St Alban’s Catholic Primary school save money.

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    Schools and other educational establishments are under increasing pressure to use their budgets wisely. So when Warrington based Toshiba TEC authorised dealer, Sharples Group, approached St Alban’s Catholic Primary School to discuss how it could enhance the efficiency of its printing and copying operation, cost savings figured high on the agenda.

    An award winning, independent office equipment company, Sharples Group has supplied and maintained a range of Toshiba TEC multifunction products (MFPs) to organisations throughout Cheshire and Lancashire since 1989. The company believes that the right product, integrated and managed in the right way, can impact positively throughout an organisation and this ethos has led to a reputation for excellent service, backed up by a highly trained sales and maintenance team.

    Also located in Warrington, St Alban’s is a slightly smaller than average sized primary school with just over 200 pupils ranging from 3-11 years of age. The school has achieved national Healthy School status, a programme that promotes the wellbeing of its pupils and staff through a well planned and taught curriculum that focuses on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

    Explaining how the two organisations came together, Jason Wright, sales account manager at Sharples Group, said,

    We believe the way that many schools operate their printing and copying function is inefficient and ineffective. We approached St Alban’s with a view to implementing a system that could offer a higher quality printing and copying facility which could also save them money.

    The School had previously used a system comprising of two photocopiers along with a separate non-networked printer in each classroom. After carrying out a print audit Wright concluded that the most appropriate solution would be to install two centrally located MFPs – a Toshiba TEC e-STUDIO2540C along with an e-STUDIO355.

    Toshiba TEC’s marketing manager, Jeremy Spencer, explained,

    The e-STUDIO2540C MFP offers high quality colour productivity at up to 45 pages per minute. It combines copy, print, scan and optional fax, while also providing St Alban’s with the option to produce professional finished documents. Meanwhile, the e-STUDIO355 MFP can print at 35 pages per minute, offering reliability and exceptional ease of use.

    Sharples Group set up the e-STUDIO355 as a high-speed black and white machine, which is primarily used as a copier. This prevents print jobs interrupting any high volume copying jobs and also allows the fully networked e-STUDIO2540C to be used mainly for printing.

    Like all modern schools a great deal of the teaching is based around ICT and the pupils at St Alban’s use a range of educational software in class and like to print out their work afterwards. This means that although the volume of printing can be very high, it is something that the e-STUDIO2540C is easily able to cope with.

    For such a small scale environment facilitating the use of biometrics was not considered necessary, however, in order to restrict the amount of colour printing carried out the e-STUDIO2540C has been programmed to accept four separate PIN numbers for designated members of staff to use.

    St Alban’s has already noticed the benefits of its new printing and copying facilities. Previously, one of the biggest issues was the sourcing, ordering and cost of consumables such as toner and ink. The School found that the price of these could fluctuate quite considerably, which made controlling costs difficult. The agreement with Sharples Group means that all consumables are ordered from one source and a regular monthly invoice has made budgeting easier. Also, when the time and effort that is saved by not having to source these items is factored in, the benefits are even greater.

    Elaine Bush, the headteacher’s secretary at St Alban’s Catholic Primary School, concluded,

    Having decided that it would be a good idea to have all the printing and copying carried out from two central devices I can only say that I’m extremely pleased with the results. It has saved the school a considerable amount of money and Warrington Borough Council is also extremely impressed with this achievement. Dealing with Sharples Group is a pleasure and the MFPs from Toshiba TEC are a very welcome addition to our infrastructure.


    Printing Audit and Review
    Key Facts
    Client: Pro-Networks
    Industry: IT Support
    Location: Cheshire
    Summary: Pro-Networks asked us to help them save money on their printing; provide maintenance and support and improve the quality of their printed documentation.

    Read the Case Study

    Pro-Networks Ltd is a successful IT company based in Sandycroft, Deeside. The company offers a total IT solutions to over 300 companies located in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They offer their customers a value for money virtual IT service, taking on the role of an “in-house IT department” at 1/3 of the cost of an in-house department. The company pride themselves in advising on all aspects of IT and how to optimise systems to meet a customer’s business requirements.


    Sharples were asked to undertake an Audit/Review of Pro-Networks’ printing costs to determine actual printing needs and provide a supportable solution that would:

    • save money on printing
    •  provide fixed cost maintenance and supplies
    •  enhance ability to scan/convert paper documents to electronic media
    •  improve the quality of printed documentation


    Sharples Group provided a Toshiba e-Studio Multi Function Printer Copier Scanner.


    I know exactly what it costs me to print, I know who is doing the printing, and which cost centre I can allocate those costs too, resulting in better management and control of costs, improved productivity and quality of output.

    Paul Crudge, Managing Director

    Silk Group

    Introduction of a Multifunctional Device
    Key Facts
    Client: Silk Group
    Industry: Promotions
    Location: Bolton

    Read the Case Study

    CGP – Learning in Focus

    Introduction of a Multifunctional Device
    Key Facts
    Client: CGP – Learning In Focus
    Industry: Education
    Location: Cumbria
    Summary: An efficient printing system is vital to the success of CGP – Learning in focus. They needed a robust printing solution that also provided the company with value for money.

    Read the Case Study

    CGP is one of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing educational publishers.

    Based in the Lake District, the company has a vast portfolio of school textbooks and revision guides, and has sold more than 60 million books in the past twelve years alone. Although the creation of final versions is outsourced to an external print house, CGP has an intensive, almost constant need to print on site proofs of these books, many of which are more than 200 pages long. Printing is of critical importance and as such, its choice of in-house printing solutions is crucial to success.

    The Situation

    The introduction of a new series of revision guides for the primary and secondary school markets prompted CGP to look at additional printing resources. The company realised that delivering multiple copies of each of these books would be a significant task and they needed a robust printing solution that provided the best value-for-money.

    The Solution

    Sharples Group undertook a thorough review of CGP’s requirements and using their expertise and extensive product knowledge presented CGP with a number of solutions from a number of vendors but ultimately decided that the OKI range offered the best solution. CGP now has a range of OKI printers across four sites, comprising a combination of OKI ES4300 mono laser printers, ES3640 high volume A3 and A4 colour printers and ES2632 fast colour and mono A4 devices to cover the publisher’s printing requirements.

    It uses these printers primarily to deliver proofs, including inside pages and front covers, and check that graphics, design, layout, and colour quality are of the highest possible standard. In itself this is a demanding undertaking, but each of these books will typically go through a number of iterations before CGP is fully satisfied with the end result and the document is finalised to go out to an external print house.

    A delighted Stephen Ironmonger, said; “We rely heavily on printers throughout the day and our work would be very difficult without them. If our printers are not working to maximum potential nor is our business, this impacts on other tasks and causes delays and frustration. Sharples Group has worked with us to make sure we have the right equipment and service and maintenance contracts in place, keeping us operational and taking away the daily worry and risk to our business.

    Accuracy and Speed

    By regular maintenance and support Sharples Group make sure the printers are delivering the accuracy of the colour output that our work demands. The colour needs to be precise to ensure that the proofs we print, match as closely as possible to the quality we are looking to achieve with the final product.

    First-class Service

    The reliability and rich functionality of the OKI printers together with the professional and flexible service contract with Sharples Group provides the confidence that if there is a fault on a particular device it is rapidly up and running to full capacity and providing the business with quality printing.

    The Sharples Group, OKI’s reseller of the year 2007 and 2008, has consistently provided CGP with excellent service. “They are knowledgeable and supportive and quick to respond to any technical issues that have arisen.”

    CGP was able to obtain a favourable service contract which included the use of toner and consumables. This meant that they paid a fixed price per page and did not need to buy large stocks of consumables in advance and then hold them onsite. Primarily because of the high level of colour coverage on most of CGP’s printed pages, the company found it cheaper to pay at a page rate rather than buying toner in bulk.

    Under Control

    Ultimately, our key requirement at CGP is for reliable printing. It is critical for the success of our business that our printing service is there when we need it and we get high-quality networked colour printing that is reliable and cost-effective. I am confident that, in light of our continuously expanding need for quality printing, we will have an ongoing requirement for OKI printers backed up with the Sharples Group support.


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