Sharples Turn Cynical Accountants To Supporters

Sharples Turn Cynical Accountants To Supporters

Sharples turn cynical accountants to supporters Wilds Business Advisers and Chartered Accountants based in Radcliffe Manchester, were recently awarded the title of UK Accountancy Firm of the Year.

As part of the review of the contributory factors that went into this achievement, they looked at the things that do not cause them a problem anymore. One of the factors highlighted were their printers.

Following a free print audit undertaken in 2008 by Sharples Group at Wilds it was identified that not only did the business have an incredibly high number of printers, but these printers churned out some 14,000 prints per month. Most of the printers were attached to desktop machines, were one-off purchases and required many types of toner cartridges. Sharples made a number of suggestions on how they could save Wilds’ money; one year later they have not only reduced the printing bill at Wilds but also made substantial savings in the amount of time spent dealing with printer issues.

Director of Wilds, Michael Seddon said;

A few years ago, whenever we had a printer jam one of my colleagues would leap into action to take on the challenge of removing the shreds of paper.

Unfortunately, the colleague’s other role was saving clients substantial amounts of money by ensuring their tax affairs were in good order. The time that Sharples has saved us and the quality of their service has had a substantial, if often unrecognised, benefit to our business. I have now turned from cynic to supporter and would happily recommend Sharples to others.

David Griffiths, Sharples Group Director, said:

Companies who follow-up on our print audit recommendations typically make savings of over 60% on their document production. Accountants are well known for keeping a keen eye on the spending but we convince Wilds that we could save them time and money – and hopefully we can convince others.
The Warrington based Sharples Group, supply and maintain a wide range of business equipment for organisations throughout the North West including Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool and covering Cheshire and Lancashire. With a reputation for excellent service and over 30 years in business they provide the right business equipment solution backed up by a team of professional engineers.