Sharples Group’s David Griffiths awarded the Advanced Diploma in Coaching

Sharples Group Director David Griffiths Gains Advanced Diploma in Coaching

The qualification, awarded  by the International Trainers Association of Neuro Linguistics, covers Culture Change and Change Management For Senior Leaders.

The course that led to this qualification, run by Saxton Partners, enables the use of neurolinguistic methodologies to provide a practical ‘hands on’ approach to business growth. It focusses on the attitudes, motivation and behaviours that will maximise potential across a business and its team.

The intensive training comprised four two-day modules during which David studied coaching and culture change methods. A key element was tangible evidence demonstrating the benefit of each module to Sharples Group as a business.

This was followed by putting the methodologies into practice in a real-life setting. David carried out a telephone assessment with a business employee outside Sharples Group who was experiencing real business and personal issues, before meeting them for a two-hour face to face coaching session. This establishes the ability to build rapport and trust over the phone, and to determine what the volunteer wanted to achieve from the coaching.

Sonia Saxton and David Griffiths

Following the coaching session, David’s effectiveness was assessed by gathering evidence from the employee of the impact on their life and business in real, measurable terms.

Having qualified, David can now assist on courses for other senior leaders, mentoring and offering feedback from his own experiences. This not only gives David the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest neuro linguistic advancements, but also contributes to his own continuous professional development.

And as a company committed to both personal and business development, Sharples Group continues to benefit from David’s expertise.