Sharples Group Taking The Lead in New Patrons Club

Sharples Group Taking The Lead in New Patrons Club

Businessmen Mark Brocklehurst and David Griffiths are helping to launch the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundations new Patrons Club in a bid to swell the number of entrepreneurs committed to supporting one of the town’s most important charitable organisation.

The directors at Warrington-based Sharples Group, the region’s leading print and copier services provider, came up with the idea following a meeting with the Foundation Chairman and leader of Warrington Borough Council Terry O’Neill.

At the meeting Mr O’ Neill pointed out that the Foundation needed more support than ever before from the business community if it was to continue with the wide range of charitable work that it carries out across the town.

We came up with the idea of a Patrons Club made up of businesses who want to support the work of the Foundation but who could also benefit from the networking opportunities that the monthly meetings provide.

The idea was met with a unanimous YES when launched to a pilot group of a dozen local businesses at a meeting in April. The target is to raise an impressive £100,000 per year for the foundation and we are looking to enlist the help of 167 members from the Warrington business community. In fact, interest is growing across the Warrington business community with an anticipated attendance of over 30 at the next meeting.

Mr Griffiths added:

In addition to offering the Warrington Wolves Foundation valuable support from the business community, the meetings provide an opportunity for Warrington entrepreneurs to meet each other and discuss the issues of the day.

Our proposition is an attractive one for businesses. We’re not just asking business to come and support a very important local charitable organisation. We are also suggesting that getting involved could be very good for their businesses too.