Sharples Group MD Undertakes the Wadi Rum Challenge!

Sharples Group MD Mark Brocklehurst is set to undertake the Wadi Rum desert run challenge.

Sharples Group MD, Mark Brocklehurst is passionate about enriching the lives of young people and as Chair of Warrington Youth Club (WYC) he is in the best possible place to help make sure the next generation have the best possible start in life.

Mark tends to lead from the front so has undertaken numerous fundraising escapades to raise funds for both WYC & Bolton Lads & Girls Club. Just last month he rode 110km on a tandem with Matty Brennan, an amazing young man with Down syndrome who is a shining beacon of what can be achieved given a helping hand. The list of crazy money raising stunts is long and includes nine weeks in a rowing boat going across the Atlantic among many others.

But this latest challenge could take some beating.

The Wadi Rum Ultra is a 250km running race across the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan with temperatures of up to 40 degrees! It makes you wonder how gruelling a challenge this is when the organisers state: “Needless to say this is an extremely tough race and we leave this up to you to decide upon whether you have what it takes…”. It also states that the race staff will use “all means necessary to restrain competitors from continuing if they deem it unsafe to do so”. Mark says this last bit won’t need much enforcing!

Taking place over five days every October, competitors run a scheduled route, taking in between 40km and 80km per day. The course winds through historic sites and sand dunes and with the nickname ‘valley of the moon’ the Wadi Rum promises a dramatic backdrop to this demanding race.

Mark said, “This definitely is going to be a challenge for me. Physically I’m way off the mark with a pretty disastrous training programme that’s has been peppered with injury but I’m super motivated and a stubborn old boot. I’ve been involved with WYC for only a year now but have seen first-hand the difference additional funds make to the lives of the young people who use the service every day. They’re my inspiration. If they can take on their own personal challenges on a daily basis, I’m sure I can take this on!”

To find put more about Mark’s training and preparation, or if you would like to support Mark, please see his fundraising page:

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan