Sharples Group Quick View Saving NW Businesses Money

Sharples Group Quick View Saving NW Businesses Money

The tough economic climate has fuelled a fifteen per cent sales boom for Warrington-based Sharples Group with a growing number of hard-pressed North West business owners calling on them for help in saving money on the escalating cost of their printer consumables.

Soaring demand for their expert reviews of in-house printer and copier systems which can save users up to 50 per cent on running costs has been keeping the 30 employee team extremely busy, said Sales Director David Griffiths.

As the financial climate has worsened we’ve been getting steadily busier,

added Mr Griffiths.

Business owners are quite rightly trying to make economies and one of the first areas they should look at is their document output strategy which can represent three and a half per cent of a company’s sales revenue..

That’s why we created our Quick View service which entails a visit by our expert staff who conduct a detailed review of a business’s document production and associated costs. Armed with that information we can advise a business owner on steps they can take to make significant savings.

Savings of 50 per cent are achievable although a 20 per cent reduction in costs is the average across the board. But the bottom line is that Sharples’ experts in printing, copying and IT systems use their considerable expertise to evaluate the efficiency and true running cost of your printer fleet.

They can also provide the business owner with the possible alternatives and the savings that they will deliver.

Mr Griffiths said business owners were often astonished to see the amount of savings that could be achieved by reviewing their printing processes.

Our vastly increased Quick View activity has been solely responsible for increasing our company turnover from £2.5 million to £2.7 million this year and there is no sign of it slowing down,
he added.

Sharples Group MD Mark Brocklehurst said:

We call our Quick View service the Sharples Challenge because it’s the most cost effective bespoke print management solution that uses cutting edge technology to keep your operation in budget.

There are dramatic variations in the running costs of print management systems across the businesses community because most businesses rarely review the cost of printer consumables. Although most would agree that it is a significant overhead, they don’t realise there is a value for money alternative until our experts point it out.

to find out more about Sharples Group Quick View and how we could help your business contact us on 0800 195 0955.