New Toshiba MFP Offers Environmental Benefits For Your Business

New Toshiba MFP Offers Environmental Benefits For Your Business

The Toshiba MFP e-STUDIO306LP offers an “environmentally sound, technologically advanced” solution to your business needs. With an innovative new feature that allows you to erase output and reuse paper, the e-STUDIO306LP promises to change the way we print.

A Revolutionary New Way To Print

The new Toshiba MFP, the e-STUDIO306LP, is a brand new design which promises to revolutionise the way we use paper when printing.

Incorporating a unique erasable toner, the e-STUDIO306LP allows you to erase print and re-use paper multiple times. This helps to reduce paper consumption as well as solid waste streams and other pollutants.

The new printer combines an environmental responsibility with the latest technology, and now small and medium sized businesses can take advantage on what Toshiba have to offer. The e-STUDIO306LP includes many features that are typically reserved for larger multi-functional printers, such as excellent warm up and first copy times, colour scanning and a fantastic print speed of 30 pages per minute.

The e-STUDIO306LP also includes walk-up printing functionality, meaning you can simply print from a USB flash drive, as well as from a local machine. There’s a 9″ LCD Touch Screen, and easy to read controls.

Save money, increase your efficiency and protect the environment with the Toshiba MFP e-STUDIO306LP.

It’s the latest innovative machine to come from Toshiba MFP range, and is well in line with the standard they have produced in the past.

Toshiba MFP have a level of performance that is quite simply unsurpassed. Their concerns for the environment are just as great as their desire to provide first rate print, copy, scan and fax.

The technology used by the e-STUDIO306LP is exclusive to Toshiba, using a Self Encrypting Drive to ensure that it cannot be removed and put into another machine. This product also comes with Data Overwrite as standard, which writes over any data stored on the HDD during document processing.

Toshiba’s care for the environment extends to all aspects of their business. They have a zero-waste-to-landfill toner recycling programme, and are committed to greener manufacturing across all their products. As a company they’re investing in programs that help businesses reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.

How it Works

The e-STUDIO306LP combines with the e-STUDIORD30 Paper Reusing Device, to ensure that you reduce the amount of paper you use in your printing.

The e-STUDIORD30 applies heat to a thermally sensitive toner, causing the colour to disappear. The toner is simply erased, meaning no need for waste toner collection or toner removal. Before it is erased, the e-STUDIORD30 scans the output and archives the content.

Once the content is erased, the document is scanned again to see if everything has been wiped.

This means that the paper can be reused for printing, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Reusable paper is simply restored to a collection bin. Paper that cannot be fully erased, such as paper with pen or pencil marks, is also stored so that you can recycle it conventionally.

Its never been more important to ensure that your business is environmentally friendly. With the Toshiba e-STUDIO306LP can help you achieve great quality printing, with added efficiency and a minimum of waste.

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