Mark Brocklehurst is The Alternative Board Member of the Year 2019

Our Managing Director Mark Brocklehurst has been announced as UK’s The Alternative Board’s Member of the Year 2019.

The Alternative Board (TAB) is a peer advisory board organisation. It helps business owners improve the quality of their decision making and implementation through input, ideas, experience, challenge and perspectives of other business owners. The TAB operates in a safe and confidential board room setting, with members from non-competing sectors.

Mark is a member of the Manchester West TAB, which is led by Paul Winterbottom, and was chosen for the award from the almost 500 business owners who are part of TAB in the UK.

Mark said,

“I’ve been a member of Paul’s TAB since 2015. The TAB has helped shape a whole series of business improvements benefitting our clients, the Sharples Group team, and the company itself. To be an effective Board member I think you need two things, an open mind and the common sense to accept you haven’t got all the answers. I’m delighted to accept this award.”

To find out more about The Alternative Board and Paul Winterbottom:

Mark Brocklehurst receiving TAB Member of the Year Award 2019