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    Our approach – the Print Consultation

    We take a consultative approach to make sure we provide the right print solution for you. A solution that is designed specifically for your business, that addresses your objectives, needs and challenges and that integrates seamlessly into your business environment.

    The starting point for this is our Print Consultation. This is the process we use to understand your business, and identify where we can save your business money and improve efficiency. We carry out the Print Consultation completely free of charge.

    On average, Sharples Group saves businesses between 20% and 50% on print costs.

    In this video, our client explains how it works:

    Booth Ainsworth LLP

    They did a complete audit of our copy, print and scan and came back to us with a complete report that offered three alternative solutions.We ended up going for one that saved us in excess of £7,000 per month.

    Gary Cook, Head Of Professional Practices & Partner.

    We are confident we will deliver savings on your current printing, scanning and document management costs. But if we don’t, you can be confident that you are already on the best deal for your business. Which means you can cross ‘review print costs’ off your to-do list!

    How Our Free Print Consultation works

    Our Print Consultation begins with an audit of your print environment.  The process is simple, straightforward and secure and takes just a couple of minutes to set up. We send you a link to our software. Clicking the link installs the software on your server, which then allows us to measure the printer traffic on your internal network. We can run the audit for a day, a week, a month, whatever allows us to take an average view of your printer usage. We also ask you to tell us how much you currently pay for your toner cartridges, drums and other consumables.

    We will then arrange for a Sharples Group Account Manager to visit you, at a convenient time. During this visit we will conduct a detailed review of your office and print environment, document production and associated costs, including the printer usage information we have obtained. We also talk to you and your team to understand current challenges and your requirements.  Then, once we have gathered all this information, we analyse it to arrive at our recommended solution which will:

    • Save you an average of 20% and up to 50% on your printer running costs
    • Increase the effectiveness of your document management systems
    • Give you greater control over your running costs

    Read what some of our clients say about partnering with us.

    There will always be a demand for printed documents and that’s why it’s essential to ensure your printers and copiers are right for the job you want them to do.

    But there are dramatic variations in the running costs of print management systems. This is usually because the cost of printer consumables do not get taken into account.

    • We take time to understand your business, your needs and how your current print environment meets those needs.
    • If we think there is a more cost-effective way that will improve efficiency and workflow, we will let you know.
    • Our Free Print Consultation is also free of obligation, so we make our recommendations and then you decide the next steps.
    • We have a team of specialist in-house engineers on hand to install and then maintain our Managed Print Service for you.

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