Local Accountancy Firm Make Savings on Printing and Photocopying Bills

Local Accountancy Firm Make Savings on Printing and Photocopying Bills

Warrington based Accountants, Watkinson Black, did not recognise the potential for making savings on their photocopying and printing bills until they met Sharples Group. Find out more about we helped them make savings on printing and photocopying bills!

Local Accountancy firm, Watkinson Black, were introduced to Sharples Group over ten years ago, since then they have benefitted from three generations of photocopying and printing equipment and big savings on their bills year-on-year. By taking a proactive approach, Sharples work alongside their customers to ensure they always have the right equipment for the job. Sharples integrated review process matches customer requirements to the latest and best technology available to ensure they always have the right solution at the right price.

Typically professional firms such as accountants and solicitors can make up to 40% savings on printing and photocopying bills. By choosing Sharples, customers can ensure their printing and copying costs are controlled effectively and requirements keep pace with the latest technology.

Dave Watkinson, from Watkinson Black, said;

Sharples have delivered real benefits for our business. They came along at a time when our business was growing quickly and we needed to update all the technology that supported it. Sharples provided us with innovative and cost effective solutions replacing numerous desk top inkjet printers with just two of the latest all-in-one photocopying, scanning and printing machines. The solution gave us access to more functionality great print quality and cost benefits. Regular servicing and maintenance reduces downtime and if there is a glitch with a machine Sharples’ engineers are with us within an hour. This all results in a no hassle service which allows us to focus on what is important and not have to complain that the photocopier is down again!

The documents we produce for our clients are a reflection on our company and our professionalism; they need to be printed or copied to the highest standards. Sharples has helped us meet our exacting needs for the last ten years.

With the help of Sharples Watkinson Black and many other businesses in the North West are keeping pace with technology improvements. By taking the time to understand the businesses Sharples can ensure the market leading printing and copying solutions are always available to businesses when they need it; solutions which provide excellent value and ensure costs and quality are effectively controlled.

Whatever the size of business Sharples are ready to audit your office operation for you – with the aim of helping you make savings on printing and photocopying bills.

Why not challenge Sharples to make savings on printing and photocopying bills within your company? Contact us today on 0800 195 0955.