Lee Spencer – The Rowing Marine!

Lee Spencer, or ‘The Rowing Marine’ as he’s better known, has started his gruelling solo row from Gibraltar to Venezuela.

On completing the challenge, Lee will become the first physically disabled person to complete this epic journey, challenging perceptions of disability and ability.

Lee, who was a serving marine for 24 years, will be sailing unsupported from continental Europe to continental America, battling 10 metre waves, sleep deprivation and fatigue along the way.

He will be drawing on his considerable mental resource and determination in his aim to beat the current able-bodied record of 96 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes.

Lee is already well into his 5,500-kilometre row and on the 8th February described the previous 24 hours as ‘rowing through treacle’.

Sharples Director Mark Brocklehurst first met Lee at a Royal Marines Charity Gala. Mark himself rowed the Atlantic in 2013 and understanding the sheer scale of Lee’s undertaking, jumped at the chance for Sharples to join forces with Toshiba and sponsor Lee.

The Sharples Group team wishes Lee all the success in the world and the team are fully backing him on this immense record-breaking challenge.

Find out more about Lee Spencer’s story and track his progress here.

Or if you wish to sponsor Lee, you can do so via his fundraising page.