Inkjet technology, the environmentally responsible print solution.

The Green Print Solution.

We have been operating in the Print Management Solutions industry for over 40 years. During this time we’ve seen considerable technological changes. Hardware and software technology constantly advance to address evolving market needs. Optimising efficiency and rationalising costs are always priorities but for many minimising environmental impact is now top of the agenda.

It may surprise you to know that the new business inkjet technology from Epson is the emerging (or, more correctly, re-emerging) solution that is consistently delivering against the imperatives of achieving environmental responsibility while increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Epson have optimised printhead and ink technology for business needs.

In short, these groundbreaking advancements mean Epson inkjet technology is the green, energy conserving, money saving and efficient print solution. Once seen as the poor relation to laser print, “inkjet for home, laser for work”, inkjet is now trailblazing the way.

Inkjet technology has improved and matured

Research shows that Epson’s new business inkjet technology uses up to 96% less energy when compared to standard laser printer technology. Advances in printhead technology, the part that dispenses the ink, have enabled this massive reduction in power requirement. Heat is not needed; pressure is used instead. Delivering a significant positive impact on the environment, as well as to the bottom line.

Inkjet – Fast, easy to maintain, less waste

The absence of a heating element also means inkjet printers don’t have to ‘warm up’. This translates to speed, so that documents can be sent to your printer, inkjet printed and be in your hands before a laser printer has had the chance to get to stand-by. This reduction in energy consumption means a very real saving on both your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.

The new business inkjet technology requires fewer moving parts, so devices are easier to maintain and operate, performing up to 3.5 times faster than standard laser equivalents and requiring up to 98% less user intervention.

This new breed of inkjet printers also generates up to 99% less waste as they use a replaceable ink pack technology that significantly reduces consumables packaging.

Of course, there may still be circumstances when laser technology has the edge, for example when you require production-quality print. But the new inkjet machines are designed for business; multi-functionality, easy systems integration and air print come as standard on many devices. New printheads, new ink and numerous other design and technology improvements ensure fast, precise printing, high-quality images, and a robust printer you can rely on.

Business inkjets now represent one in three new business printer sales. In five years’ time they, not lasers, are likely to be the default business printer. Anyone thinking about buying or replacing printers is advised to seriously consider business inkjet as an option before making a final decision.

Check your current printer power usage and compare it to new inkjet options with our Energy Calculator and find out more.