Healthier Workforce Is A Happy One

Healthier Workforce Is A Happy One

Warrington based Sharples Group has led its workforce into a more healthy lifestyle.

The introduction of showers and changing rooms at the group’s offices, together with signing-up to the Government’s Cycle Scheme, has resulted in 50% of the workforce taking part in exercise. People are now regularly cycling to and from work, others have taken up lunch time activities, such as swimming at the local pool or running; either outside or on the treadmill which has been installed at the offices in Warrington.

In the last month alone Sharples Group estimate that they have replaced more than 90 car journeys with cycling to work, contributing to their aim to reduce their impact on the environment and burn calories and improve the health of their workforce.

Mark Brocklehurst, Managing Director Sharples Group, said;

Everyone has good intention to get fitter and do more exercise but when you are working it is easy to keep putting it off. We estimate a total of 264 pounds in weight has been lost, over the last year, by those taking part in simple exercise at lunch time or cycling to and from work. I believe by far the biggest benefit is how the new fitness regime is affecting the way people are feeling; there is a buzz about the place with people obviously energised and more relaxed.

It’s true a healthier workforce is definitely a happier more productive workforce and we are proud to know Sharples Group is contributing to the physical health and well-being of our employees whilst reducing our carbon footprint by cutting back on the need to use our cars to drive to work.