Active Cheshire Everyday Superheroes Awards

Sharples Group MD Mark Brocklehurst delivers an inspiring presentation at the Active Cheshire Everyday Superheroes Awards.

At the prestigious Active Cheshire “Everyday Superheroes Awards” on Wednesday 25th September, Sharples Group Joint MD, Mark Brocklehurst delivered a gripping and inspirational presentation that captivated and shocked the 450 strong audience.

The inaugural event held at Chester Racecourse included a stellar cast of awards winners and nominees from across a number of categories all linked to combatting a sedentary lifestyle.

The evening was opened by Active Cheshire CEO Anne Boyd who wanted to celebrate the everyday superheroes from across Cheshire and Warrington with a Marvel Superheroes theme.

The list of VIPs was impressive with the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, a number of past, present and future High Sheriffs and countless Chief Execs from public, private and third sectors.

The real stars however were the people who go beyond the call of duty to inspire, motivate and act as role models for others to get active.

Mark’s presentation started with a hard-hitting reality check on just how badly the sedentary lifestyle has taken a grip of society with over half of the adult population of Cheshire doing nowhere near enough daily activity. The UK sits at the bottom of a world table on sedentary lifestyle and is even below the USA with the average UK citizen spending a whopping 9.5 hours a day sat down!

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however and Mark shared simple ideas on how as a county we can take a collaborative stand on getting active and bucking the trend. Using stories taken from his own many challenges he talked about how habits, resilience and leadership should be used to kickstart an activity revolution.

The feedback from the evening has been overwhelming with numerous plaudits and countless pledges of personal and organisational intent to drive change.

Anybody who is concerned about their own activity levels or wants to make a difference at their organisation should contact the Active Cheshire team at