Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme

The Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme

Working with carbon offsetting experts CO2balance Toshiba have devised the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme. This scheme enables them to calculate and offset the carbon footprint of every Toshiba device (including parts procurement, manufacture and transport) – so that when it is shipped to you it is completely carbon neutral.

Carbon offsetting involves investment in projects that save the emission of, or absorb, an equivalent amount of CO2 to that of the Toshiba product footprint. The Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme funds vital projects such as African Energy Efficient StovesUgandan Borehole Rehabilitation  and Brazilian Rainforest Protection.

These projects offer opportunities for local residents as well as preventing carbon emissions.

Energy Efficient Stove Project

This project is located in and around Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya and the principal city of western Kenya. Energy Efficient Stoves (like the one pictured here) are built for families in villages throughout the area.

These stoves require 50% less firewood to cook with and so reduce carbon emissions by 50% compared to traditional open fires.  As a result each energy efficient stove saves over three tonnes of CO2 every year.

This project has clear social, health and economic benefits to local families as it creates cheaper, easier and more hygienic methods of cooking.

CO2balance work closely with Kisumu Initiative for Positive Empowerment (KIPE),  a local NGO, to assist in the development of the project.  KIPE is a youth-focussed organisation supporting young people affected by HIV/AIDS.