Lexmark Environmental Policy

Lexmark’s Environmental Strategy states;

Lexmark is committed to sustainable excellence in all our business activities, products and services. Through continual improvement in our environmental, health and safety programs, Lexmark is committed to the following:

  • Being an environmentally responsible provider of high-quality products and services.
  • Being a good environmental steward by preserving and protecting our natural resources, adopting programs for the sustainable use of resources and practicing pollution prevention.
  • Being a responsible neighbour and employer, committed to compliance with relevant environmental, safety and health regulations as well as laws and other criteria to which Lexmark subscribes.
  • Being a provider of safe and healthy workplaces, committed to the elimination of hazards and the reduction of occupational health and safety risks. Lexmark encourages consultation and participation of Lexmark employees, contractors and other interested parties in this effort.

Lexmark senior management is responsible for this policy and its scope, for communicating it and for ensuring its implementation.

Lexmark's Environmental Policy